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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Grady Booch on "The Promise, the Limits, the Beauty of Software"

Grady Booch talked (in the video available at Yahoo Theater) about his efforts towards preservation of softwares for next generation as a history. He mentioned how it is important to preserve softwares which are written yesterday, and are being written today. For instance, file formats such as JPG format, may not be readable in future if conscious attempts to preserve them are not today. This is because it is quite possible that future generation will use some other advanced formats, however preservation of details of today's formats will enable them to look at older artifacts. This is just one example, but same goes for designs, architectures, and code and software development wisdom achieved over decades.

He mentioned that like many have hobby of collective stamps, he has hobby of collecting software architectures. And he has in this process interviewed many teams and collected as many architectures and diagrams as possible. He is also writing a Handbook of Software Architecture.

At the end of the talk, he says "This is really a fun business to be in.....We as an industry has changed the world...we have bit by bit...thats an exciting place to be...wewhat other industry you can think of which has transformed civilization as much as ours has....thats pretty cool...to that end, as a software developer, its a tremendous privilege to be a software developer because we do change the world, but at the same time its a tremondous responsibility, because we are changing the future".

This talk is something which should make us very proud of our profession, and especially the feeling that software development is an art and a craft.

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