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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What do we need to learn!

Other day I saw the syllabus of MS course (Computer science) which was being offered by one of the deemed universities for IT company employees. Most of the subjects looked very similar to ones which I have done in my B.E. and if you ask me, very irrelevant to type of work I do. Only topic which I could relate to was OOAD, and rest of them such as Maths, Microporcessor architecture, etc. seemed like something which may not offer anything new or relevant to learn.

Speaking of something new to learn, I just got myself a new computer. I purchased the spare parts from Computer Warehouse, and one of their technicians came and built it for me. He charged Rs. 500 for assembly. I would have loved to assemble it myself, but then, wasnt too sure that I wanna risk burning the new chip. Now this is something which I need to learn - how to build a computer from spare parts rather than doing some MS course which will re-iterate stuff which we already studied in graduation.

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preethi said...

yes true. I realized it when i was doing my dissertation. Even OOAD in theory is not worth it. The lesson here is: the learning should be practical.