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I am a Software Architect and Developer based in Bangalore, India. I have experience in building (scalable) applications using Java, JSP, JSF, JBoss Drools, Spring Framework, Hibernate, Ajax, JavaScript, MySQL, NoSQL (HBase, Project Voldemort). I am also a fan of Ruby on Rails, and have done some experimental work with it.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

My github repositories

Started adding stuff to my github repository (http://github.com/srikanthps).

Migrated my "bugs on rails" project from Google code to github

Also, started a new adventure in terms of "cvsstat" project. Was fed up today using the other cvsstat which kept reporting me wrong data, so I thought let me write a simple program to extract the data I need from cvs logs. It's current state is such that even I can't use it, but I hope to polish it in a day or two.

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